12 Reasons to Rent

1. RENTAL REPRESENTATIVES WITH THE MOST YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE – Give your company the competitive advantage it deserves on your next bid. Stop guessing at what your tool needs may be. With the highest average number of years of rental hoisting, pulling, jacking, rigging and material handling experience and application expertise, our rental representatives will help make managing your equipment resources a snap. Let us be “your guy.”


12 Reason to Rent2. SAFE AND PROPER EQUIPMENT – Frustrated working with older, heavier and unsafe equipment? At LGH, we stock the latest models, and our equipment is always certified before leaving our North American rental centers. When considering renting or buying equipment, put our rental tools to the ultimate test first – on your jobsite.


3. RAMPING UP AND DOWN YOUR PROJECT – Think about the resources you put into selecting, preparing and delivering the specific equipment for starting a project. When the job ends, is it a challenge to identify and replace damaged parts? Consider this: one call, one company – LGH can handle it.


4. RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB – If you’ve ever used a crescent wrench to hammer a nail, we get it. But you’re a professional looking for the safest, most reliable and, most importantly, the right equipment for your job. With LGH as your partner, you call the shots. Want a hand-operated hoist with 185’ of load chain? No problem. Longer control pendant? Sure. LGH is here to make sure your job goes off without a hitch.


5. ACCESS TO THE BEST MANUFACTURED GEAR; TESTED, CERTIFIED AND READY FOR USE – One of the many reasons LGH has always been the largest single rental organization; dedication to providing the most elite equipment from the top manufacturers. We invest our time and financial resources, providing manufacturer’s training that meets or exceeds ASME standards for our technicians. LGH customers know our equipment comes inspected, certified and ready to roll, delivering the greatest value for their budget.


6. ELIMINATE BREAKDOWNS AND DOWNTIME – Frustrated when the equipment you own lets you down? We absolutely understand that downtime is unacceptable. That’s why, at LGH, if you ever have an equipment setback, we’ll send a replacement, in most cases, that same day. Our experienced, trained and tenured LGH representatives may even be able to diagnose and eliminate the original challenge.


7. ASSET CONTROL – As the saying goes, if you haven’t used it for 6 months, get rid of it. Don’t purchase equipment that won’t be used regularly or ever again. Save yourself from the headaches and expense of ownership, maintenance and the liability costs associated with equipment carrying your company’s name.


12 Reason to Rent 18. NO STORAGE COSTS – Ideally, every square foot of your facilities would be dedicated to generating profits. Partner with LGH and receive only what you need, when and where you need it, retrieved after project completion. Let us be your equipment warehouse.


9. LIMIT PARTS AND MAINTENANCE EXPENSES – The initial financial outlay is just the start of the equipment’s ownership costs. Maintaining, inspecting and certifying your tools, storing parts and having the resources to ensure safe and reliable gear comes with a high cost. Utilize our inventory and we’ll incur those costs and unplanned tasks.


10. LIMIT TAXES – Did you know, companies that rent equipment enjoy reduced tax implications? How much would you save by limiting the amount of purchased equipment year after year?


11. INCREASED BORROWING CAPACITY – Cash is still king. Why not cut capital cost on tangible items and services that could otherwise be directed toward building your business? Imagine how you can leverage the savings that come with renting.


12. CONSERVE YOUR CAPITAL – When was the last time you stepped off an airplane, went to a car dealership and purchased a car for a week or month-long trip? For your next short or long-term project, partner with us. We’ll put a smile on your accountant’s face. It just makes sense.