2nd Annual Cosmic Fundraiser a Success!

tpv-goal-10262015Bridgeview – On Sunday, October 18th, 2015, Lifting Gear Hire held the 2nd Annual Cosmic Bowling Fundraiser at the Thunderbowl in Mokena, IL, and it was a success!


Comprised of LGH staff, family, friends, and supporters, over 120 people attended the event, shaping the occasion to rank amongst the most memorable events in LGH’s history.


LGH created the event in order to raise awareness and funding for the Transplant Village and Northwestern University’s continued organ transplant research. Dedicated to providing resources, counseling, and more to organ transplant patients, the Transplant Village has been a very important charity to LGH.


Former LGH Vice President, Pat Fiscelli, was once in need of a liver transplant. Thankfully, his daughter, Annette, was able to donate part of hers to him, saving his life. It’s because of institutions such as Northwestern University and it’s charity arm – the Transplant Village – that people all over the country are able to survive such a troubling ordeal, and LGH is forever dedicated to helping ensure that the Transplant Village can provide such important resources to all patients in need.


The 2nd Annual Cosmic Bowling fundraiser offered participants of the event three hours of intergalactic bowling, dozens of $1 and $10 raffle baskets, and a delicious buffet with cake and cookies.


The event had a total of 31 sponsors and donators, nearly doubling the 16 of last year. The sponsors who contributed ranged from LGH employees to affiliate manufacturers of LGH.


As a result of their contributions, we were able to meet and exceed our goal of $25,000!


“We are absolutely overjoyed,” President of LGH, Tony Fiscelli said. “The event was a tremendous success and I’m beyond thankful to all our sponsors, donators, volunteers, and participants who helped transform the event into the monster achievement that it was. I sincerely cannot wait for next year’s Cosmic Bowling fundraiser!”




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