740 Tons… A New Record!

cranehotlineLifting Gear Hire Corporation, specialists in rental, sales and service of all types of lifting, winching and material handling equipment, have ordered two container loads of Modulift® spreaders, including Mods 24, 50, 110, 110H and 400.


The Modulift® 400 is part of the super heavy range which comprises of four sizes of Modulift® spreaders. They have a maximum span of 45 meters and maximum capacity of 2000 tonnes and are used with many of the largest cranes available today including the Terex Demag CC8800-1.


740 Tons… Lifting Gear Hire | A New Record! | Modulift® 400
LGH recently provided two Mod 400s for a record breaking lift on the Elizabeth River in Virginia, USA for its customer, Advanced Automation Technologies. The lift, organized by LGH’s Houston agent was of a 740 US ton Portal Whirler crane using a Chesapeake 1000 barge crane with the Mod 400s and 2” by 40ft gator laid top slings. The Whirler crane was transported 18 miles down the river to the customer site, where the Modulift® was again used to lift it into position. This lift was the heaviest handled by a Modulift® supplied by LGH in the USA so far.


“The benefit of Modulift®’s flexibility sets the system apart from standard, fixed length spreaders. Modulift® provides a vast number of spreader beam configurations, suitable for all kinds of lifting projects, leading the system to become a popular and valuable addition to our existing range of lifting equipment.


With the introduction of Modulift® we can provide our customers with more efficient and cost effective solutions. Our latest order means we will have a total of 45 Modulift® spreaders available,” comments Tony Fiscelli, General Manager of Lifting Gear Hire USA.


The Modulift® range comprises 16 systems, which provide lifting capacity for weights between 2 — 3000 tonnes and lengths from 200mm — 53m. The system is used for the smallest maintenance work to the largest lifting jobs in many industry sectors. Modulift® currently has sales and rental customers in the construction, maritime, offshore, oil & gas, industrial and aerospace industries. All utilize the modular system to enable the lifting of various loads, without the need to buy or rent new spreader beams for every different job.

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