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A Thing, a Thing, a Marvelous Sling

This Blog series will focus entirely on some of the uses, benefits and limitations of the various sling hitches and where you would find them in use in the field. In the first segment, it seemed only fitting to start off with one of the most common hitch types: the basket hitch. While hitch types are the same throughout all mediums of sling composition, whether wire rope, chain, nylon or polyester, there are different applications for each type, but that’s another topic for another...
Are You Experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well, we have.

Are You Experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well, we have.

In an industry where one wrong move can spell certain disaster, the experience and knowledge of safe rigging practices can never be understated. That’s why at Lifting Gear Hire, we take as much pride in the rigorous training each member of our team takes on as we do with the average tenure of our sales staff. The equipment rental industry sees an average of only 1-1.5 years of industry relevant experience, which is why the average tenure at LGH is such an impressive figure. Coming in at 6.93...
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When You Need to Think Inside the Box

Everyone in the industry knows about spreader beams and the versatility they provide on the job due to the overwhelming number of articles that cover every aspect of their usage from bridge suspension to simply creating more pick points for an object than a single crane hook could provide.  The CMOD, provided by Modulift, creates a square or rectangular lifting beam setup anywhere from 4x4 to 36x36 that creates a singular unit with four pick points. Utilizing specially made corner...