Testing and Certification

LGH has a 125,000 lb Dynamic Vertical Proof testing machine capable of dual load range testing as well as a 72 feet long, 300,000 lb Dynamic Horizontal Proof testing machine that has fixtures for winch mounting and is fully equipped with a computer installed with data test software. These pieces of equipment were added to our distribution centers in a conscious effort to always deliver the safest equipment to our customers.

Just another way for us to make sure we put your safety first.

Vertical Testing (Hoists, Air, Hand, electric):

  • 125,000lb. Heavy Duty Load Cell
  • Stroke Length 5′
  • Accuracy ASTM E-4+/-1%
  • Computer Test Certification
  • 22.2′ Working Height

Horizontal Testing (Slings, Winches, Shackles):

  • 300,000 lb. Heavy Duty Load cell
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke Length 6′
  • Computer Test Certification
  • Dynamic Testing
  • 52.5′ Test Length