Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment

Modular Spreader Beams
Modular Spreader Beams in use for road / transportation construction.

There are a multitude of benefits when it comes to renting equipment which is why we’re not surprised to read in a For Construction Pros article that rental companies serving the construction and mining sector are outperforming other segments in the second quarter with both increased revenues and profits. This increase in profit is attributed to the industry trend of renting more and owning less.


The trend of renting allows for companies to be more flexible, save money, and increase productivity. At Lifting Gear Hire we are able to help small and large companies alike with their equipment needs by providing inspected, tested and / or certified equipment for each lifting job. By renting, equipment companies can guarantee that they will always have the correct tool for their job ensuring that they will never have to store and maintain obsolete equipment. Additionally, Lifting Gear Hire is the only rental company that inspects each piece of equipment not only before it leaves our site but also when it is returned. We also load test each piece of equipment for the specific job to make sure that the equipment will be able to handle the task.


Construction companies that rent equipment can also increase productivity as the equipment will arrive when it is needed, ready to be used and since the equipment does not have to be maintained or stored by the construction company which means employees won’t have to spend time on inventory, maintenance or storage.


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