product picture of a roust-a-bout from LGH

What Is a Roust-A-Bout?


The Roust-A-Bout is an innovative lifting device designed to meet and exceed these needs. But what exactly is a Roust-A-Bout, and how can it transform the way projects are executed? Let's dive in.

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Hydraulic cylinder, or ram, from LGH on a jobsite.

What is Point Loading?


When talking about rigging, finding the distribution of a load is critical in knowing whether it is safe to proceed or if the rigging plan needs additional work. This brings up the question: What is point loading and how does it affect a lift?

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Jobsite picture of the XLP150 from Hydra-Slide in LGH green.

How does the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System Work?


LGH recently partnered with Hydra-Slide to introduce a game-changing solution: the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System! In this blog post, we'll dive into how these rigging slide systems work and take a closer look at the revolutionary XLP Skidding System.

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Why Rent a Gantry?


Why Rent a Gantry? A gantry can be an excellent rigging solution when headroom is limited or no convenient lifting points are available. But why should you rent a gantry?

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Product picture of a lifting beam from LGH.

5 Benefits of Renting Lifting Beams


Has purchasing and maintaining rigging equipment become a headache? Looking for a better solution? Here are five significant benefits of renting lifting beams from LGH.

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product picture of MatJack air bag rentals from LGH

5 Practical Reasons to Rent MatJack Air Bags


MatJack air bags have revolutionized jacking for many industries. In this article, we'll delve into five practical reasons why renting MatJack air bags from LGH is the smart choice for your next project.

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Top 5 Misuses of the Minifor™


The Minifor hoist is a lightweight portable power hoist suitable for a number of lightweight operations. They typically come in two models: the TR30 and TR50. Both are useful for

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The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Gantries


Gantry cranes are common lifting solutions that are preferred across various industries for their portability, lightweight construction, and versatility. With a sturdy A-frame design and numerous features such as height

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What is Pythagoras’ Theorem?


What is Pythagoras’ Theorem? We’re glad you asked! Pythagoras’ Theorem, also called the Pythagorean Theorem, is a geometry formula discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras sometime between 569 –

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How to Use a Turnbuckle


A turnbuckle is a basic, often overlooked rigging device that may relieve much stress during challenging or critical lifts. Primarily, turnbuckles are used as a means of adjusting a load

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beta max high speed hoist in operation

Top 5 Reasons to Rent a BETA MAX Hoist


BETA MAX Hoists are known for being high-speed, portable, and highly versatile. Those features, along with their low running costs and high safety margins, make these hoists an invaluable tool

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wire rope sling and sheave blocks from LGH on the jobsite

What is the D/d Ratio?


What You Should Know about the D/d Ratio   You’ve likely come across the term ‘D/d Ratio’ in previous research and real-world applications. It’s a fundamental concept in rigging, crucial

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Do’s & Dont’s With Shackles


Shackles come in many types and may be used in various rigging and load securement applications. However, as with all equipment, certain guidelines must be adhered to whenever using shackles to

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row of polyester round slings

Which Sling Should You Choose?


Are you planning a lifting project and unsure about the correct sling type to use? Or maybe you’re not getting the service life you expect from the slings you’re currently

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Skarnes M12 Rol A Lift

Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Rol-A-Lifts


Moving bulky, hard-to-handle box shaped loads can potentially cause trouble on your jobsite. Rol-A-Lifts – occasionally called refrigerator dollies – can provide a safe method of moving both awkward loads

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As research develops and new information is continually uncovered, the guidelines and policies regarding COVID-19 continue to evolve, and it can be hard to keep up. If you’ve been hearing

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Advantages of Lever Hoists and How They Work


What are the advantages of lever hoists and when should you use them? With the versatility of chain come-a-longs and griphoists, you may be able to save a job where standard hand chain hoists are not an option. Take a deeper look at some practical applications and what sets lever hoists apart.

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Electrical Cords: Size Does Matter

Electrical Cords: Size Does Matter


Today, we will focus our attention on the most commonly overlooked issue facing electric-powered devices and can discuss requirements and common issues on air-powered equipment at a later date.

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How Much Headroom Do I Need?


During any lift plan, there are many things that need consideration, from the best piece of equipment to complete the task to the headroom available to complete the lift. Determining how

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Why You Should Rent Instead of Buying a Gantry


As stated in previous blog posts, gantries are some of the most versatile pieces in the rigging industry. While it can make sense to purchase your own gantry, this post explains why many of the largest companies choose to rent rather than own.

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product picture of MatJack air bag rentals from LGH

Six Things to Know About: Mat Jacks


There are many kinds of jacks in the industry built to perform numerous tasks and with specific uses in mind. Ranging from low capacity toe jacks designed to get underneath

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12 Reasons to Rent: #8 Storage Costs


When people think of the term “rental,” there is often a negative connotation of used, beaten and poorly maintained equipment whether you’re talking about a rental car or rental lifting

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product picture of an Airfloat air skate from LGH

Simple Ways to Use: Air Skates


In mechanical moves, the most commonly used equipment are tank rollers and gantries. Both of these options are used for their ability to reduce the weight of the load by

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12 Reasons to Rent – #5


12 Reasons to Rent – #5 Access to the Best Manufactured Gear; Tested, Certified and Ready for Use Starting out, LGH strongly saw the value in providing rental equipment to

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When You Need to Roll…


Trolleys come in many different shapes, sizes, and capacities.  Trolleys allow a suspended load to be moved horizontally across beams from one point to another.  Based off the application you’ll

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Reflecting on 2019


A reflection of 2019 brings about many positive thoughts and memories for LGH.  As a company, we’ve grown revenue, IT systems, training parameters, and our people. Our firm business philosophy

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What do you know...wire rope Cover Photo|What Do You Know About Wire Rope?|Cross-section Blow Up|Regular and Lang Lay|Left and Right Lay

What Do You Know About Wire Rope?


Wire rope is an integral tool in any rigger's toolbox. As prevalent as wire rope is, how well do you really know one of the most commonly used slings? Click here to find out.

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When You Need to Think Inside the Box


Everyone in the industry knows about spreader beams and the versatility they provide on the job due to the overwhelming number of articles that cover every aspect of their usage

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Common Misuses of Come-a-longs


We’ve seen an increase in the number of come-a-longs, sometimes referred to as a lever hoist, that have been going out on rent lately, so this seemed like an appropriate

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Blog_Posts_Renting Saves Money|image

Renting Saves Money


In this industry, the gear used to perform the lifts and moves on sites can have a tremendous impact on the result of any job. improperly maintained equipment or having

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What You Need to Know About Spec 8C?


New API Guidelines for Production Hoisting and Drilling Equipment. The American Petroleum Institute (API) just published its Publications Programs and Services catalog, an all-inclusive resource for all API practices and standards, equipment

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How To Inspect Wire Rope Slings


Wire rope is a machine. It’s a rather complex machine, actually. Its primary function is to move, which in turn is where it obtains its source of strength. And because

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Sling Commandments

The 12 Sling Commandments


Here at Lifting Gear Hire, we strive to put safety first and we encourage everyone to do the same. To do that, we endeavor to provide the most up-to-date knowledge

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basic hoist operating practices blog post image

Basic Hoist Operating Practices


As with any type of equipment, there are standard practices to adhere to before you begin using it. Such is the case for any type of hoisting equipment including hand-operated,

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air filter blog post image

How To Use An Air Filter/Dryer System


An air filter system’s primary function is to help keep your air compressor operating at maximum efficiency. However, this accessory item sometimes gets overlooked when placing a rental order. Don’t

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snatch block

So… Which Snatch Block Do I Need?


There are various combinations to increase the lifting and/or pulling capacity with the use of snatch blocks or sheave blocks for wire ropes. However, not every combination can or should

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sling types blog image

A Guide To Standard Web Sling Types


There’s a variety of web sling types and it’s not always clear which one you’re going to need for your upcoming project. Here’s a simple guide that’ll help determine which

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lgh in 2017

LGH in 2017


Each new year offers LGH an exciting opportunity to grow and become a bolder company with the same traditional values. Our marching orders for many years have been to continue

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load cell blog post image

4 Quick Tips About the Compression Load Cell


Manufactured by Straightpoint, the compression load cell is a highly accurate device that is used to measure weight or force in a number of different applications. They can be used to measure compression,

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Top 4 Misuses of Beam Trolleys


The manual push beam trolley is used to move loads horizontally on beams, as well as used as a suspension point. In dealing with beam trolleys, a couple of different

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Get to Know the Electric Power Bar


The electric power bar is designed to push, or skid, loads. They’re most commonly used in conjunction with low-profile dollies, tank rollers, or air skates. Electric power bars are one of the

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There’s Nothing New Under the Sun


When people learn about Hydra-Slide skidding systems many comment on how innovative this new technology is, and how it changes the way they think about moving heavy loads, and I

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12 Reasons to Rent the Hydra-Slide™


Desighed for simplicity, the Hydra-Slide provides one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods for moving, loading and unloading all types of heavy loads.  Whether you’re sliding transformers, generators, compressors,

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The Right Tool For The Job


In the Heavy Transport and Rigging world, all types of equipment are necessary – gantries, skid steers, transporters, cranes… the more diverse toolbox a company has, the better the chance

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How Hydra-Slide™ Came to Be


Upon graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1977 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I started working full-time at Lackie Bros. Ltd. as a Project Engineer in the Heavy

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Happy Holidays from the President


Every year around this time, I always reflect on the past 12 months and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming New Year.  This past year has been fantastic for a

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What Thanksgiving Means to LGH


Every year just before Thanksgiving, I try and reflect on some of the things I should be thankful for from this past year. Thanksgiving is always a busy time for

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photo of Tony Fiscelli, president of LGH

From the Desk of President Tony Fiscelli …


 Hi, I’m Tony Fiscelli, the President of LGH! I thrive in the fast paced nature of the lifting equipment rental industry, and I enjoy the challenges and decisions I’m faced with daily in business operations.

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blog picture for griphoist uses

When To Use the GRIPHOIST


The GRIPHOIST can be used as a hoist, a winch, a tensioner, a binder, ratchet, and more. This blog will give you practical application ideas!

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When to Use a Hydra-Slide


When to Use a Hydra-Slide Skidding System Cranes are one of the most common and useful pieces of equipment on any construction site. They are powerful and technologically sophisticated machines;

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Understanding the Maxial Track Hoist


A successful project means you planned carefully, estimated accordingly, and chose the right equipment for the job. When using the Maxial Track Hoist from BETA MAX for certain applications, there are a few things to consider first.

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7 Safety Tips for CMod Spreader Frame


When using the Modulift® CMod 50 modular Spreader Frame, it is essential to closely follow safety guidelines. We’ve put together a few safety tips to help ensure a safe and productive use of the Modulift® system for your next project.

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Which Rigging Sling Should You Bring?


A quick rigging sling comparison The most commonly used rigging slings for typical lifting projects are standard wire rope slings and polyester slings. Each sling has its pros and cons,

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The Shocking Dangers of Shock Loading


Shock loading refers to the sudden and forceful application of a heavy weight onto a weighing balance or scale. When shock loading occurs in a rigging operation, the results can be devastating.

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Load Stability 3 legs vs 4 legs

4 Legs vs. 3 Legs


Which is more stable- a 4 leg bar stool or 3 leg? You can ask the same question about a 4 leg or 3 leg bridle sling. 

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