Are You Experienced? Have you ever been experienced?

Well, we have.

In an industry where one wrong move can spell certain disaster, the experience and knowledge of safe rigging practices can never be understated. That’s why at Lifting Gear Hire, we take as much pride in the rigorous training each member of our team takes on as we do with the average tenure of our sales staff. The equipment rental industry sees an average of only 1-1.5 years of industry relevant experience, which is why the average tenure at LGH is such an impressive figure. Coming in at 6.93 average years, even after accounting for expansions into Toronto, San Francisco, New Jersey, Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles over the past 5 years, each bringing new reps to the serviced area.

So where does that help you, the customer? We’ve said for years that we are the lifting equipment rental specialists, choosing to maintain a role as a true partner to our customers rather than just pointing out a piece of equipment in a book and leaving you to figure out the rest. As Dan Pittman, Business Sales Manager for LGH, stated, “we’re a true partner to our customers. They’re not viewed as customers, they’re our partner and we need them as much as they need us, working together to succeed. We don’t create business transactions, it’s a business relationship that will last for years to come.”

With experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes the ability to pass along ideas between customers from what we’ve seen done in the past in similar situations regarding the equipment used and how it should be utilized. Others in the industry, can’t provide the technical know-how, equipment suggestions or troubleshooting LGH can, simply due to their lack of application knowledge and the diversification of their product lines. “There’s so much that goes in on the equipment side that, to get that right, takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and training,” Pittman said. “That’s where our value is at. Our expertise is the equipment outlooks and how and where it should be used.”

It is the belief of everyone at LGH that when you get your team trained well in a field, the experience the customer has reflects that and is more than just renting a piece of equipment. You’re renting a service; a rep that’s there with you before the job, during the job and after the job, ensuring your project runs smoothly and ready to tackle any challenge. You’re renting a support system in the office that can turn a quote in real-time and equipment that’s been inspected, tested, certified, painted and chains that look new each and every time. According to Pittman, “the rental mindset for equipment is that it could be junk, it’s old and beat up because that’s what people are used to using. Our rental equipment looks and operates as if it’s brand new every time. When people experience that, that are using their own equipment, their own hoists, that equipment is usually beat up, so they’re taken aback by the quality of our gear and they remember that on every job they work going forward.”

We invite all those that haven’t worked with us in the past to give us a shot, and for those who have used us for years, thank you for proving that a company that is founded on people that believe in our equipment, believe in our customers and have developed a passion for the industry itself can remain the top rental company in the industry. After all, what we do is unique. Having a partner as invested as you are, both in tenure and our interest in the industry, is an invaluable asset. Call us at 800-878-7305, visit our website at or meet with your local rep and see for yourself what 6.93 average years of experience can mean for you on your next project.

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