Top 4 Misuses of Beam Trolleys

The manual push beam trolley is used to move loads horizontally on beams, as well as used as a suspension point. In dealing with beam trolleys, a couple of different issues can present themselves if they’re not being handled and used correctly. Below are the top 4 ways individuals can misuse a beam trolley. 

Side-Loading the Trolley: This involves pulling the load from the side of the trolley itself. When using trolleys, it’s pertinent to lift at a 90-degree angle to the horizontal plane. Not abiding by this wi
ll likely bend the trolley, beam flange, and possibly cause the trolley to fail. There is not a trolley on the market that is suitable for side-loading.

Overloading the Trolley: Another common way to misuse this type of equipment would be to overload it. When overloaded, trolleys tend to get stretched out or bent. Always refer to the specifications and guidelines provided from the manufacturer and never exceed a trolley’s rated capacity or risk equipment damage or failure.

Modifying the Trolley: Sometimes, users will modify the trolley, which is the case for many types of lifting equipment. Common ways users have modified trolleys included grinding off material to accommodate for a larger size beam flange. Please be advised that any modification of equipment will result in the void of its manufacturer warranty and is against industry standards such as ANSI/ASME.

The Trolley Becomes Over-Torqued: The adjustment rods tend to come back bent or misshapen when the trolley is over-torqued.

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