What You Need to Know About Spec 8C?

New API Guidelines for Production Hoisting and Drilling Equipment.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) just published its Publications Programs and Services catalog, an all-inclusive resource for all API practices and standards, equipment specifications and technical documents. It also contains studies and reports regarding the efficiency, responsibilities and safety of the petroleum industry.

API 8C Standards

Specification 8C refers to production hoisting and drilling equipment. These specifications govern industry standards for the material, design and testing process for drilling and production hoisting equipment. The standards included in this section refer to these pieces of equipment:

  • Spiders (as long as they can be used as elevators)
  • Drilling hooks
  • Guide dollies for traveling equipment
  • Elevator links
  • Sucker rod elevators
  • Casing elevators
  • Hoisting sheaves
  • Power subs
  • Safety clamps (if used as hoisting equipment)
  • Hook blocks and traveling blocks
  • Power and rotary swivels
  • Piping and pressure vessels (if mounted on hoisting equipment)
  • Drill-string motion compensators
  • Kelly spinners (as long as they can be used as hoisting equipment)
  • Rill pipe and tubing elevators
  • Link adapters and connectors
  • Wire line anchors

The standard for 2016 established two product specification level (PSL) requirements—PSL 1 and 2. These PSL classifications aim to define different levels of technical part requirements.

All requirements put into place can only be applied to PSL 1 unless they have already been identified as PSL 2. PSL 2 requirements include all PSL 1 standards as well as others defined just for PSL 2. Supplementary and additional requirements are only necessary when explicitly stated.

Standards Matter

These standards guarantee industry-wide consistency and devotion to safety. Once it is time to recertify your elevator, an inspector will demand that all relevant components comply with the current 8C standards. The simplest way to guarantee that yours will make the cut is to purchase or rent exclusively from manufacturers that are API-licensed.

Keystone Energy Tools can assist you in understanding industry specifications and ensure that your equipment meets or even surpasses the standards. Our expert staff strives to give you the parts you order on time and for the best price. Keystone works only with API-compliant, high-quality products. To request a quote or get answers to your questions, reach out to us! 

You can reach API with questions about their publications, standards and other issues by calling 202-682-8471 or filling out this form on their site. 

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