Why lift when you can do the slide?

With minimal space around the unit and gaps between each support, the Hydra-Slide was able to get this move done safely and efficiently with no trouble for the crew.

With as many equipment options that are available on the market to handle nearly all types of projects, it can become easy to fall into a comfort zone that’s difficult to stray away from. When considering the options available for moving extremely heavy loads upwards of 350 tons, the general consensus would be to immediately turn to renting a crane. Horizontal load handling of any sort tends to steer toward the use of machine skates, available in capacities up to 400 tons for purchase or 100 tons for rent with LGH, in standalone tank units.

While both of those options are tried-and-true rigging methods, there are some insurmountable hurdles that each face on some critical lifts in which budget is a factor, space is exceedingly tight or ground conditions create additional challenges requiring holdbacks or are unable to handle the ground-bearing pressure exerted. One of the most under-utilized pieces of equipment can save a lot of time, cut costs and perform these difficult lifts with ease. Enter the Hydra-Slide – a specialized jack and slide system that offers pinpoint precision and an unmatched level of simplicity in setup, use and tear-down.

While cranes provide tremendous versatility, the time it takes to assemble, costs associated with rental and the clear operating space required greatly limits the effectiveness in a number of different project environments.  The HT500 jack and slide track occupies only 8” of vertical clearance and allows for quick and easy setup, utilizing simple bar and pin connections. Further increasing the value of this system is the ability to cover long runs with minimal equipment given the ability to leapfrog the 10’ or 15’ sections of track ahead of the unit as it moves forward.

For horizontal load handling, a high-friction setup like the Hydra-Slide alleviates the need for hydraulic holdbacks on most projects while simultaneously virtually eliminating headroom constraints. Comparing the coefficients of friction(cf) among various types of skates as well as the jack and slide system, this setup is not overly high but does provide additional control of the load. With air skates providing a CF of around 0.01 and machine skates coming in at 0.05, the Hydra-Slide comes in at anywhere from 0.15-0.25. With that said, however, the system also offers the ability to bridge over short unsupported spans without worry, something that neither machine skates nor air skates can achieve.

Paired with the Hydra-Pac synchronous Power System, this load was able to move easily through tight quarters.

Resulting from the increased friction setup, jack and slide units handle slopes of up to 2 percent with ease. When paired with the accompanying Hydra-Pac Synchronous Power System, move at speeds of 55 feet per hour at up to 10,000 psi operating pressure with a level of absolute precision that can’t be matched with other rigging options.

Take a look at the Hydra-Slide™ Heavy Track Hydraulic Skidding System available for rental at LGH and always remember, Lifting Gear Hire can help you on your next jack and slide project, providing you with the industry knowledge and technical experience to ensure you get the job done right, on time and on budget.

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