Case Study: Heating Up Greektown Casino

Heating Up Greektown Casino


The Project
Dee Cramer, a sheetmetal and HVAC contractor in Holly, Michigan, was approached by the owners of Greektown Casino to place a steam boiler on top of their casino to provide adequate heating for their facility. The Detroit Field Superintendent, Chris Dufour, had 12 to 16 weeks to obtain his equipment, create a lifting plan, build the materials needed to place and secure the boiler above the casino, acquire safety engineering on the weights, ensure their welds were engineer-approved, truck the material down to the site, and lift it into place with a 500 ton crane. As challenging as that already sounds, it only began the long list of struggles the company faced in completing the job.

The Lifting Challenge

Greektown Casino was a new customer for Dee Cramer, located right in the heart of Detroit. So, as with any major city, the biggest struggle came in the form of traffic.

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