Building Community, Making Connections

LGH supports BCMC, or otherwise known as the Building Community, Making Connections organization. BCMC sponsors the 2014 Operation Family Home Project which is a consortium of contractors and laborers who donate their time, energy, and money into building new homes for veterans, absolutely pro bono.

LGH donated lifting equipment devoid of charge to BCMC, so they can put together a brand new home safely and efficiently with the best and safest tools available to honor our servicemen.

Recently, LGH provided a Modulift® modular spreader beam to BCMC in their helps to construct a new house for veteran Sgt. Tony Feaster and his family in Concord, North Carolina. More on LGH rental equipment donation.

This serves as another great opportunity for LGH to give back to a community that has done so much for us, especially our heroic military who have done so much for our country. It’s an honor to rent our equipment to BCMC free of charge to help give our veterans a well-deserved home.

For more information about BCMC or if you’d like to contribute, visit