Construction Industry See Growth in Nonresidential Buildings

altReed Construction Data forecasts that nonresidential building construction is expected to grow 8.4% in 2015. After five straight months of decline the nonresidential building construction spending has increased and the report predicts that office building, lodging, and retail construction are all expected to grow 4% in 2014 and strengthen even further in 2015 with a predicted increase of 8.4%.


Lifting Gear Hire can help construction companies prepare for the increase in projects with the proper equipment. Because we rent our equipment to construction companies, they will be able to free up capital that will allow them to handle the increase. By renting our equipment, contractors will be ensured they have correct tool for the job and it will be available for the time needed, which can greatly reduce the equipment and tool expenses. Each piece we rent is fully tested, inspected, and certified so construction companies are assured the equipment will be able to handle the task.


We rent a variety of tools and equipment that are often needed for construction jobs, including material handling equipment, safety equipment, rigging and hosting equipment for cranes, seat AC and heating units, and more. To learn more about our products for rent, visit our website.

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