Free Up Working Capital

altSmall businesses face a variety of challenges and one of them can be whether to rent or buy lifting equipment. At Lifting Gear Hire we believe renting equipment provides a host of benefits for small businesses.


One of the main problems facing small businesses is storage space. Often these operations do not have the onsite space for storage and by renting companies can save on storage as the equipment will be delivered when and where it is needed and is removed once the job is complete.


Additionally, renting means that small businesses don’t have to worry about servicing and maintaining the equipment.
Renting equipment also allows small businesses to bid on projects that they may not have all the equipment that is needed. This allows the companies to compete on bids with larger businesses and renting the equipment will allow the small business to know the exact price of the equipment and create a more accurate bid.


Renting lifting equipment also means that small businesses will always have the most up-to-date equipment and Lifting Gear Hire ensures that each piece of equipment is clean, safe, and certified for use meaning that small businesses can improve productivity while being cost-efficient.


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