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International Workboat Show | Booth 2362
International Workboat Show | Booth 2362

There are a variety of issues that can arise from a malfunctioning ship component, including safety concerns, loss of product, loss of profit, delays, and more. Preventative maintenance can help to ensure that ships will sail smoothly. Keeping up with this maintenance can be difficult for companies as most of the components that make up a ship are large and heavy and will need to be lifted from the dock to the ship.


At Lifting Gear Hire we stock the equipment necessary for ship builders to complete any necessary work without taking up valuable storage space. Our rental equipment is fully inspected before and after each job and we test the equipment to ensure it can handle to requirements of the job. This means ship builders will have their equipment delivered and ready to use on the day the equipment is needed.


Some of our most common ship maintenance rental equipment: Air Chain Hoists | Plate Clamps | Come-a-Longs | Hydraulic Cylinders | Slings | Shackles | GRIPHOIST® | Lifting Beams | Modular Spreader Beams


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