Hoisting Safety and Certification

safety-seal-150pxThis year the World Crane and Transport Summit will focus on the importance of crane safety and since we at Lifting Gear Hire focus heavily on safety we wanted to talk about our unique testing and certification process, which not only helps to ensure the safety of employees and the job site but can make the safety or equipment manager’s job a little easier.


When a piece of equipment is rented from us we test it before it goes out. Our facility houses a 125,000 lb. Dynamic Vertical Proof testing machine and 72 feet long, 300,000 lb. Dynamic Horizontal Proof testing machine that allows us to load test each piece of our equipment. We are able apply varying degrees of pressure to ensure that it will be handle the requirements of the job. Additionally, once the piece returns we completely re-inspect it before returning it to our shelves.


This commitment to safety and quality can also make it easier for an equipment manager as they often have to oversee thousands of pieces of equipment. By renting from Lifting Gear Hire they will know that we have tested the piece for them. To learn more about our hoisting equipment for rent, including beam trolleys, come-a-longs, roofing hoists, and more, visit our website.

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