In the Same Workboat

workboat-03Bridgeview, IL – On Tuesday, December 1st, Lifting Gear Hire was present at the annual International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana. The three-day event, which concluded on Thursday, December 3, 2015, brought together hundreds of attendees from across the world and provided them glorious opportunities to meet industry professionals and attend special sessions on solving familiar issues and errors when it comes to ship maintenance and repair. Visitors also enjoyed an extensive exhibition hall where they met with business professionals and discovered the latest and greatest in developing technology. workboat-02


Among the exhibitions was LGH who offered interested parties insight into the lifting and hoisting equipment that’s available for rental in their rental centers. Attendees also had the chance to test their drive in a golfing simulator and test their hands at a Gordy crane machine, filled with dozens of stuffed Gordy’s. After several boxes emptied, it became apparent Gordy was the star attraction of the show. “Hands down, the most creative and fun booth at the Workboat 2015 show,” Greg Miller said, the Member Services Representative for BIC Alliance. “The crane machine that grabs and lifts the stuffed Gordy’s was perfect. I’m with BIC Alliance and we attend more than 40 shows a year and I can say that the LGH booth was the best booth at the show. The booth buzzed non-stop for three days. The LGH team definitely has spirit to work hard and play hard. Amazing.”


ABOUT LGH: Lifting Gear Hire is the largest single organization in North America devoted exclusively to the provision of lifting and moving equipment for rent. LGH holds a comprehensive inventory for hoisting, rigging, jacking, pulling, material handling, and safety equipment. Rental equipment is available from over 20 locations throughout North America, and LGH customers are supported by local Rental Representatives.

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