ITI Chicago Training 2019

Building on the success seen in previous years, Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) continues their partnership in hosting Industrial Training International (ITI) courses at the National Headquarters in Bridgeview, IL. As with previous years, ITI will be offering two classes – Rigging Gear Inspector (Levels I & II) as well as Lift Director and Critical Lift Planning.

The class offering for Rigging Gear Inspector Level I & II, an ITI offering for over 30 years, provides a heavy focus on learning the proper ways to visually inspect wire rope, chain slings and rigging hardware. The purpose of this training is to prepare attendees to become certified as an in-house rigging gear inspector for their company.

Rigging Gear Inspector classes for 2019 are being held once in March from Monday, the 4th through Wednesday, the 6th and again later in the year in October, running from Wednesday, the 23rd through Friday, the 25th.

The second class offering, for Lift Director and Critical Lift Planning will once again focus on the responsibilities of a Lift Director, using the guidelines set forth by ANSI (B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes), OSHA (29CRF1926) and ASME (P30.1 Lift Planning). The second portion of this class, Critical Lift Planning, covers the recommended competencies for critical lift planning designated by ASME P30.1 In both portions of this class, attendees learn the knowledge and skills that are expected to be mastered as well as take a hands-on look at the creation and completion of various lift plans in different scenarios. The goal for this course is to help prepare attendees for certification exams or simply continue the education of those already in the field, keeping them up to date on proper procedures and expectations.

Lift Director and Critical Lift Planning, a two-day course, is also being offered two times in 2019, first in March on Thursday the 7th to Friday the 8th and again in October, running from Monday the 21st to Tuesday the 22nd.

For more information on the classes or to register yourself or some of your team to attend, visit ITI at the following links and make sure to visit their registration page to sign up for any of the above mentioned dates.

Information on the Rigging Gear Inspector course can be found here.

Information on the Lift Director and Critical Lift Planning course can be found here.

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