ITI, Lifting Gear Hire Partner Once Again To Offer Rigger Training Courses in Chicago

ITI TrainingLifting Gear Hire (LGH) and Industrial Training International (ITI) are teaming back up once again to offer prospective students and seasoned professionals alike two intensive rigging courses in 2016 to better prepare them today for the rigging challenges of tomorrow.


“As two leaders in the industry, it was a perfect match,” Patrick Clark of LGH said. “It was like peanut butter and jelly. At the end of the day, we are both leaders in this industry. We are in rental rigging as it equates to buying the right equipment from the top manufacturers and certifying it to OSHA regulations. And ITI is the leader in rigging training. So. it just made sense for us to pair up once again. We’re really excited for how the future will unfold. Ultimately, this training I think it will be a big benefit for both companies and it will help keep our customers safe. Of course, we had to pair up once again to offer students this incredibly, extraordinary opportunity to train with two powerhouses in the industry.”


The courses offered include Rigging Gear Inspector Levels I & II and Lift Director & Critical Lift Planning and will be offered twice this year inside of LGH’s 100,000 sq.-ft. rental center. Students who register for either course will be able to observe LGH’s extensive 50,000 piece inventory and witness the behind processes of testing, inspecting, and certifying lifting equipment.


Additionally, students who sign up and complete the Rigging Gear Inspector course will receive a three-year qualification and earn their CEUs. All ITI courses and instructors are LEEA accredited and lunch will be served daily.


“I attended the Lift Director course last year and I think it was a fantastic course,” Jeff Huckaby of the Walsh Group said. “We’ve been working on critical lift plans and the people here were fantastic. LGH was a fantastic host and our instructor from ITI was very hands-on and very thorough. I have nothing but great things to say about it. I highly recommend taking either course.”
LGH and ITI’s mission is to educate riggers on and expose them to the world’s safest equipment to better prepare them for the rigging challenges that lie ahead. Full course details below.

Rigging Gear Inspector – Level I & II

This original Rigging Gear Inspector Program was designed to build or enhance the skills of the student to become a qualified, in-house rigging gear inspector. This three-day program includes classroom workshops and multiple hands-on inspection activities.
Course Dates & Pricing:

April 4-6, 2016 – $1695.00

October 17-19, 2016 – $1695.00


Lift Director & Critical Lift Planning

The Lift Director of the course addresses the responsibilities of a Lift Director as identified by 29CFR1926.1400 (Federal OSHA), ASME P30.1 Lift Planning and ASME B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes. Participants are provided an outline of recommended knowledge and skill subjects that should be mastered in order to become a competent Lift Director.
The Critical Lift portion of the course focuses on the process of assessing risks, the compilation of crane and rigging data, crane operating areas, rigging methods, a safety checklist, personnel competencies and assignments, a proposed sequence of events, contingency plans and other category items as recommended by ASME P30.1 Lift Planning.
Course Dates and Pricing:


April 7-8, 2016 – $1395.00

October 20-21, 2016 – $1395.00


To register for either course, please visit and download the brochure to get 50% off an upcoming ITI training network course.


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