Keeping Down-Time…Down

lgh-warehouse-webWhen a refinery is shut down, whether for scheduled maintenance or due to an unexpected event, it can be expensive. Not only does down-time cost money due to lost production but also due to labor costs, tools, equipment, materials, and even an increase in cost to the consumer. One recent article found a short term increase in gas prices for consumers due to several refineries which were down and represented the production of nearly 900,000 barrels of refined oil per day.


Although scheduled maintenance and down-time come with the territory Lifting Gear Hire can help provide refineries with the proper tools to help the company stay safe, on schedule, and back up and running as soon as possible. Additionally, oil refineries offer a unique challenge as sometimes only one portion of the refinery may be shut down while other parts remain operational which means the equipment has to be right and ready for the job to be completed as fast as possible. With Lifting Gear Hire all of our equipment will be tested, inspected, and / or certified per the job and arrive on site to ensure the work remains on scheduled and down-time is decreased.


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