Lending Help to Helping Hands

Lifting Gear Hire effected by Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast on its way inland to Houston on August 25th, leaving a wake of destruction and flooding behind it. Analysts have listed this as the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States, totaling around $190 billion in damage.


LGH’s second largest rental center is located in Houston, and members of the LGH community have been affected as well – some losing nearly everything due to the extreme flooding seen in the Houston area. LGH’s Regional Foreman based out of the Houston Rental Center, saw his home take on over a foot and a half of water within the first two and a half hours of the storm, flooding the home he’d moved into only a month prior.


Lifting Gear Hire Hurricane Harvey Lending a Hand to Helping HandsTony Fiscelli, President of LGH, led a response team for not only those affected by Hurricane Harvey currently, but also to ensure quick response to any future events. True to the LGH culture of family, their first response was toward the assistance of LGH local employees and their families. LGH is truly grateful that all of their employees and their families survived safely. “Things can be replaced – health and safety has always been our priority,” stated Fiscelli.


A fund was created and generated internally with LGH matching all donations 100%. It quickly passed the initial goal of $10,000, arriving at nearly $12,000. Once the extent of the devastation to the community was reported, the LGH Response Team realized that people needed more support, and they reached out for feedback from those in the local area. “When a disaster happens, everyone sends water,” stated Chris Hyatte, LGH South Central and Southwest Regional Rental and Sales Manager. “While water is certainly a vital resource – we wanted to be sure to send the supplies and meet the needs that may have been overlooked or unique to this situation.” The team learned that gloves and trash bags were greatly needed to assist with clean up efforts. As such, LGH sent out roughly 5,000 pair of gloves along with other supplies in a ‘Lending Help to Helping Hands’ campaign effort.


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