LGH Adds New Custom Collector Rings to Rental Fleet

Lifting Gear Hire recently added new rental items to it’s inventory stock including new a brand new item called Collector Rings with a 150 ton rated capacity and a weight of 2,500 pounds. These 16-point Crown Collector Rings were made exclusively for LGH and comes with slings and shackles readily attached. Typical applications would include jobs that require circular lifting.


Collector Rings are used for lifting domes or circular tanks.  These specific collector rings were custom made for Lifting Gear Hire to be used for a special project by one of our customers that was lifting a dome to set atop another structure.  The Collector Ring comes with slings and shackles to affix to each of the lifting points on the dome or circular tank, to ensure that the dome/circular tank is lifted in a level and plumb fashion.


“We have added the 150 ton – 16 Point Collector Rings into our rental fleet so we can offer a high capacity multiple point lifting device that will allow our customer to lift large circular objects up to 150 tons,” said Tony Fiscelli, President of Lifting Gear Hire. “This rental product is a perfect addition for our rental fleet and complements our existing hoisting and rigging products that we currently offer for rental.”

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