LGH Announces New Products: V20 Toe Jack and SCJ-100 Cube Jack

New to the LGH Arsenal: V20 Toe Jack and SCJ-100 Cube Jack

At LGH, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two powerful new rental products to our inventory: the GKS V20 Toe Jack and the Enerpac SCJ-100 Cube Jack. These products help continue the LGH legacy of meeting (and exceeding) your lifting equipment needs.


GKS V20 Toe Jack

LGH SJC-100 cube jack for rent

Our first new product is the highly durable GKS V20 Toe Jack. The flagship V20 Toe Jack is perfect for lifting the heaviest equipment on factory floors, assembly lines, and even remote locations. This indoor and outdoor floor jack has a full 20-ton (44,000lbs) load capacity on both the toe and top plate. It also features a release valve to allow for precise and careful lowering of loads, as well as a safety valve for overload protection. Built for maximum safety, it also has a one-piece, height-adjustable safety toe.

Watch the video below to learn why GKS Toe Jacks are the ideal choice for your next project.


SCJ-100 Cube Jack


LGH SCJ100 Cube Jack for rent

Our second new product is the Enerpac SCJ-100 Cube Jacks. This product offers a 100-ton capacity incremental lifting system with automatic mechanical locking, providing you with improved safety and speed for your next lift. The compact and portable hydraulic cube jack also features steel cribbing blocks, which are lightweight, time-saving, and offer a controlled alternative to wooden cribbing. The SCJ-100 model increases capacity from the previously released 50-ton SCJ-50 Cube Jack. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as equipment maintenance, vehicle unloading, jacking a transformer, module, or bridge.

Check out this time-lapse video to see why Cube Jacks are preferable over wooden cribbing:


For more information and to receive a quote, contact us today at rentLGH.com. Thank you for choosing LGH as your trusted equipment rental provider.

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