LGH Case Study Making Waves in Various Industry Publications

Last Fall, Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) completed the case study, “Lifting and Replacing a Coal Transfer Conveyor Tube,” which has since been published in various industry publications including the front page of the October 2016 issue of Power Magazine, the front page of a September issue of Contractors Hotline, and the December 2016/January 2017 issue of BIC Alliance.


The project highlighted in the case study involved the removal and replacement of a conveyor tube and the building of a new storage silo at a coal transfer facility along the Mississippi River that had burned down in March of 2015. The project was noted for its unique use of a Modulift® Modular Spreader Beam in which the beam was lifted at a 15-degree angle.


Enerfab, Inc. was hired to facilitate the completion of the project and the manufacturer of the beam itself, Modulift®, was consulted to confirm that the beam met product safety guidelines. LGH was also further involved in the project by providing the beam for rental to Enerfab, Inc., along with additional rented lifting equipment. The project ultimately concluded in September of 2015 to favorable results.


The online Dec/Jan 2017 issue of BIC Alliance is available for viewing here. The case study can be located on page 72.


To view the in-depth case study in its entirety, visit http://fullscreen.powermag.com/lifting-and-replacing-a-coal-transfer-conveyor-tube/.

LGH Case Study Making Waves in Various Industry Publications


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