LGH Sponsors the 33rd Annual Boilermakers Apprentice Competition

LGH was honored to partner with the Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program (BNAP) to provide equipment for the rigging exercise of the 33rd Annual Apprentice of the Year Competition at Local 107 in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

BNAP is an apprenticeship program dedicated to providing extensive training for boilermaker apprentices and continued training for qualified Journeymen. The annual Apprentice of the Year competition is part of their initiative for inspiring up-and-coming tradespeople, providing an opportunity for top performers to showcase what they have learned in the program.

Each year, the competition brings together the top 8 boilermaker apprentices across the US to compete for the Apprentice of the Year title. The competition, which ran from September 19th to 22nd this year, tests the competitor’s skills with a series of written and hands-on tests. Apprentices are judged on their knowledge and execution of welding, rigging, and fabrication skills.

The apprentices worked alone until the rigging portion of the competition, where they formed four teams of two. The teams each had 4 hours to lower a header through the roof onto the floor via crane. Then they had to move the header into position and drift it to where it was to be mounted. Contestants had a lift plan to follow, but they got to choose what rigging equipment they wanted to use from a tool box provided by LGH.

box of LGH gear at the BNAP competitionAmong the equipment provided was:


LGH Rental Support Representative Chrissy Wilhelm was centrally involved in the sponsorship coordination, working with Abe Inghram from BNAP to get the proper equipment on site. Chrissy, and LGH Outside Sales Representative for Wisconsin, Mike Mitchell, were honored to attend parts of the competition as well.

rigging excursive with LGH gear at BNAP competition

LGH would like to congratulate this year’s winners:

Matthew Dowdy (Local 40) 1st Place

Dakota Bell (Local 108) 2nd Place

For more on BNAP or the Annual Apprenticeship Competition, please visit https://www.bnap.com/.

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