LGH UK – Back in Business

Exactly 10 years after Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) sold the UK arm to Speedy Hire, LGH officially resumed operations in the United Kingdom during the Fall of 2016.
LGH originally began operations in the UK in the 1970s, founded by Bill Parkinson, now lead by Chairman, Ian Parkinson. In 1990, LGH opened a branch in the United States formerly managed by LGH USA Vice President, Pat Fiscelli and former LGH UK Business Manager, Gordon Warswick, now managed by Tony Fiscelli, President, LGH North America.
In 2006, the LGH UK arm was sold to Speedy Hire while LGH operations in the USA, the Netherlands and Germany remained active and continued to provide hoisting, rigging and moving equipment rental services, growing steadily. In 2016, Ian Parkinson announced that the UK arm would resume LGH operations once again.
Ian Parkinson, Lifting Gear Hire UK, 100 Ton Hoist, JDNWe’re excited to announce that Lifting Gear Hire is indeed back in business in the UK,” said Ian Parkinson, Chairman of LGH. “People throughout the UK lifting gear industry still remember the LGH brand, our green plant and what it stood for. They remember us being and having the highest standards of safety, quality and customer service. We prided ourselves on providing an excellent working environment for our staff and we’re looking forward to recreating those golden days, but now we’re wiser. We now understand our limitations in the UK market and are learning how to succeed in foreign markets where others have failed.”
The UK division is operating out of the same Atherton office and workshops that were previously occupied by LGH in 1985. Some of our chief staff have even returned to help re-launch the company in the wake of the rebirth. New faces are coming on board, as well. One of the most well-known and experienced operation executives in the UK lifting gear industry, Colin Naylor, will join the new initiative as the Managing Director of LGH UK.
“I’m excited to have Colin be a part of our team,” Ian Parkinson said. “He’s been crucial in getting the team together and getting the new business launched. I believe this will be an amazing restart of the UK operations and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the company.”
The UK office is officially active, as well as Lifting Gear Hire offices in the USA, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.
LGH – Puts Safety First. For more information, please visit our websites: www.RentLGH.com | www.LGH.eu

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