LGH Will Host 2nd Annual Cosmic Bowling Fundraiser

Tranplant Village FundraiserLifting Gear Hire (LGH) will be hosting the 2nd annual Cosmic Bowling Fundraiser event on October 18th, 2015. The fundraiser will be held at the Thunder Bowl in Mokena, Illinois and prizes, raffles, food and beverages will be offered. Attendees are also given the option to donate or become a sponsor of the event and special packages will be available depending on the level of sponsorship chosen. The sponsorships include Massive Star (if $250 is donated), Red Giant (if $500 is donated), and Supernova Sponsor (if $1000 is donated or more is donated). For more info on sponsorships or if you’d like to purchase your tickets, visit https://RentLGH.com/2015-cosmic-bowl-fundraiser/.


The event was created to help raise money and awareness for transplant patients and their families through Transplant Village. Transplant Village is a consortium of organ recipients, donors, and their families that donate research, time, and money to the Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center while connecting and supporting the transplant community. They continue to create a sustainable culture of philanthropy that supports the advancement of the CTC’s groundbreaking initiatives and cutting-edge programs to better aid transplant patients. Aside from their efforts to support the CTC, they’ve created an organization where organ recipients, family members, and donors can connect, find support, and perpetuate the cycle of giving from one person to the next while supporting the CTC in ensure they continue to do the amazing work they do.


Founded in 1990, Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) is the United States’ largest single organization devoted exclusively to the provision of lifting and moving equipment for rent and sale. LGH provides hoisting, pulling, jacking, rigging, material handling and safety equipment available for immediate and safe use. LGH’s mission is to offer expertise in the rental of the safest and most reliable hoisting and rigging equipment to build and support a better America. LGH – Puts Safety First. www.RentLGH.com


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