Lift and Move into a World of Opportunity

Lift and MoveConsidering a profession in the lifting and moving industry? Curious to know what it’s like to operate a crane or drive a truck? Want to one day make $100,000 a year? Here’s your chance. Warning: This is NOT your average career fair.

Organized and created by SCRA, the annual Lift & Move USA program is a one-day event to present career opportunities to students (17-24), teachers, parents, military veterans, and other interested individuals who seek positions in the lifting and moving industry. You’ll be able to network with real industry professionals, hear from young people already working in the industry, and explore career possibilities in the crane, rigging and specialized transport industry.


Participants gain hands-on experiences by climbing aboard a real crane and a truck simulator and learn about oversize/overweight transportation. Not to mention, students also learn about the proper operation and usage of hydraulic gantries and rigging equipment and cranes from industry experts.


The event was created to address the shortage in skills that are needed to work in the specialized transport industry. The demand for a talented workforce is skyrocketing, which means the industry is hiring and on a direct mission to hire students, teachers, and veterans who possess the necessary skills to become a fully-capable crane operator, truck driver, etc.


So, this is a hot industry to work in with endless career possibilities. There are many who joined companies directly from school and have built highly successful careers from the Vice President level and higher in sales, equipment operation, and more. In terms of salaries, successful sales individuals in the crane industry are negotiating deals involving multiple, multi-million dollar items of equipment. People operating large cranes can be earning upwards of $100,000 a year.


This event will give all attendees the necessary information to get started in their career and how they can grow to one day earn substantial salaries and make big differences in the industry. Participants will listen to presentations given by young workers in the industry who have made successful careers for themselves. All attendees will also get to see and operate actual equipment, including cranes, specialized transport trailers and other rigging equipment. Anyone who enjoys cars or machines will love it. Oh, and it’s free.


So, if you’re seeking a profession as a crane operator, rigger, electrical engineer, field engineer, truck driver, mechanic, welder, lift planner, IT specialist, computer-aided design engineer, sales representative, branch manager, engineer, or project manager, then your future cannot afford to miss this event!


Hosted by TNT Crane & Rigging in South Loop West, Houston, Texas, the event will be held on February 10, 2016. Discover your potential at becoming a masterful crane operator or truck driver.


Students, parents, HS teachers, and military veterans get FREE registration!


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