Lifting Gear Hire Expands Capabilities with New Equipment

Lifting Gear Hire Expands Capabilities with New Equipment

Building on its reputation as a pioneer in safety and technological capabilities, Lifting Gear Hire Corporation recently acquired horizontal and vertical proof testing machines that will enable it to test among the heaviest pulling and lifting hardware in the construction industry.ILHcoverSept-Oct


The 125,000-pound Dynamic Vertical Proof Testing Machine and 300,000-pound Dynamic Horizontal Proof Testing Machine, both custom-manufactured by Chant Engineering, dramatically increases the testing capabilities of hoists, slings, shackles, winches and general rigging equipment.

LGH recently provided two Mod 400s for a record breaking lift on the Elizabeth River in Virginia, USA for its customer, Advanced Automation Technologies. The lift, organized by LGH’s Houston agent was of a 740 US ton Portal Whirler crane using a Chesapeake 1000 barge crane with the Mod 400s and 2” by 40ft gator laid top slings. The Whirler crane was transported 18 miles down the river to the customer site, where the Modulift® was again used to lift it into position. This lift was the heaviest handled by a Modulift® supplied by LGH in the USA so far. The vertical proof testing machine is capable of dual-load range testing, while the 72-foot horizontal testing machine is fully equipped with a computer, software and fixtures for winch mounting. Today, OSHA is requiring more and more construction equipment to undergo testing in order to be certified for safety purposes, and Lifting Gear Hire’s new proof testing machines help in that ongoing effort.


hteststand“This will enable us to provide more accurate load testing on all our rental items as well as provide an added service to our customers,” Lifting Gear Hire General Manager Tony Fiscelli said. “You can be assured that our capable and safe equipment is tested, certified and examined every time it goes out the door.”


By possessing the capability to test such large equipment, Lifting Gear Hire is able to diagnose problems with pulling and lifting tools, thereby enhancing safety for its customers. “The new machines give us a real good insight into how the product is holding up,” said Lifting Gear Hire National Director of Safety and Training Izzy De Jesus. In addition to Lifting Gear Hire better testing its own equipment with the new machines, the company is expanding services by allowing it to test and certify its customers’ equipment. In the near future, Lifting Gear Hire will make certification information available on line exclusively to its customers. This service will not only ensure customers have access to important documentation at any time, but will inform them as to when equipment has to be re-certified.

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