Lifting Gear Hire Opened First Rental Center in Canada

Earlier this year, it was announced that Lifting Gear Hire would resume operations in the United Kingdom once again. Now, LGH has opened a new Rental Center in Ontario, Canada, as well.


Lifting-Gear-Hire-Opened-First_Rental-Center-in-Canada“The international expansion is part of a larger initiative to move LGH into new territories and to further service customers abroad,” said President of LGH, Tony Fiscelli. “We’re really excited for this expansion and to see what other countries LGH could potentially move into in the coming future.”


With the announcement of a new Rental Center in Canada, LGH has added a Rental Representatives to it’s staff – Wayne Thompson – who’ll coordinate with clients in and around the area of Ontario.


“I am very exited to be part of the Canadian introduction of LGH,” Wayne Thompson said. “The most common response I’m hearing is “I didn’t realize I could rent most of this equipment!” To me, this speaks volumes, not only to the potential of the Ontario market, but across Canada as well!”


The Canadian Rental Center is located in Oakville, Ontario and will consist of 26,000 square feet, making it an ideal location for housing some of the largest and heaviest equipment LGH currently has available for rental.


For more information regarding LGH’s rental center locations or to contact a localized rental representative, please visit

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