Lifting Gear Hire to Host a Lift & Move Career Fair in May 2017

Lifting Gear Hire to Host a Lift & Move Career Fair in May 2017 On May 3rd, 2017, Lifting Gear Hire’s 100,000 square foot warehouse and facility in Bridgeview, IL will play host to the triannual crane, specialized transportation, and rigging career fair called, Lift & Move.


For those interested in a career in the crane and specialized transportation industry, Lift & Move 2017 seeks to provide you a rare opportunity to meet with recruiters and professionals alike and obtain information and contacts to plan a career in the industry. Lifting Gear Hire will be the second of four companies/organizations to plan a Lift & Move career fair in 2017. Previous hosts of the event include ALL Crane Rental of Florida, Bragg Companies, Buckner Companies, and more.
Lifting Gear Hire’s Lift & Move event will be organized into stations. Below is a list and description of each station.


Station A: Gantry & Rigging – Learn about the trade of rigging and ironworkers…In this unique demonstration, LGH partnered with Rigging Gear Sales and presented by representatives of the Local 136 Rigger’s Union. This is the same union that moved the U-404 Submarine in 2004 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. (They know their stuff!) Watch as the experts in the industry move a replica ‘batmobile’ on a thin layer of air, and then it will get hoisted into the air using hydraulic gantries.

Station B: Industry Connections – Meet with, talk to and ask questions of representatives from various local unions, key local connections from the largest crane and specialized equipment handling companies in the country. Supporters and sponsors – the people who have made this event happen – will be available as well to discuss opportunities and share insight. A list of all participating contacts and contact information will be supplied to students to continue to support their interest in working in this industry.

Station C: Engineering & CAD – Dearborn Companies specializes in the use of capturing 3D imaging of building, landscapes, of job sites in preparation for work. They will also demonstrate their ground penetrating radar (GPR) which has the capability to scan below the earth’s surfaces for hazards such as weak substrate, weak pockets and buried utilities. They will discuss the education levels needed in order to perform CAD, and to be a licensed engineer.

Station D: Equipment Inspection, Maintenance, and Certification Lifting Gear Hire mechanics walk you through the robust process that meets and in many cases exceeds (ANSI, AMSE requirements – associations that provide equipment usage and care guidelines for safety). A hand operated chain hoist and a hydraulic cylinder will be inspected and certified ensuring it is ready for safe use.

Station E: Mechanics and Welders – Typically cranes are not sent to a “crane repair shop”, crane owners employ mechanics to maintain their fleet. Learn about a typical day of a crane mechanic. The same mechanic will likely possess welding skills for this industry. In general, welding is a skill that most crafts and tradesmen possess. Having this skill can leave or can provide you with many different options in this industry.

Station F: Simulators – Lattice Boom Crane Simulator: One of the largest manufacturers in the world, Manitowoc, puts you in the cab of a high capacity crane, courtesy of the IUOE. Within the coming years cranes will be operated remotely and not from the cab. Check out one of the best VR mobile crane simulators on the market today provided by ITI. Ever wonder what it is like to walk a beam high above the streets? Check out this simulator courtesy of the Ironworkers, L.U. 1.

Station G: Equipment Safety and Technical Sales – We will discuss the hazards of commonly used equipment. We will define and demonstrate ‘design factor’ as we take equipment beyond the designed limit to destruction. Technical sales outlines what is necessary to successfully partner with contractors, engineers, managers – this includes, but is not limited to learning about the equipment safe use and specifications, understanding basic physical properties / principles, learning and sharing safe rigging practices and applications, and having an understanding of how to troubleshoot, repair equipment in the field / jobsite.

Station H: Specialized Transportation – Witness a unique piece of equipment that features high carrying capacity and is capable of turning 360 degrees – stationary – as well as jack equipment up or down. This will also be a station where kids will learn about ground bearing pressure and hydraulics. It is a live station where a 6 axle SPMT self propelled mobile transporter, under a pipe rack, lifted up and driven over a different elevation in terrain.

Station I: Cranes – There are many different types of cranes servicing the construction industry. At this station, students will meet one of the most experienced operators in the Chicago land area. A demonstration will include in tandem the use of an all terrain and hydraulic crane lifting a load and articulating it in air. They will be discussing the day to day operations of an operating engineer and what it is like to sit behind the power of this tremendous machine.

The event is open to high school and college students, seasoned veterans, teachers, parents, and more and caters to those interested in a career as a crane operator, rigger, truck driver, mechanic, welder, IT specialist, sales staff, CAD engineer, branch manager, and more.


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