Lifting Gear Hire’s Quick Billing Cycle

billingAt Lifting Gear Hire we understand the importance of quickly closing out a rental item, which is why we have been honing and refining our billing process for over 10 years. This is an on-going project which we continue to improve as the needs of our customers and industry change.


Typically a customer receives an invoice several weeks after the equipment was rented. We found that a long wait can hinder the rental process, especially if a piece of equipment has been lost, stolen, or damaged. Contractors and project managers are incredibly busy overseeing people, projects, and equipment. By improving our billing cycle time we make it easier for the customer to rent. Our goal is to close out the billing cycle in seven days and the invoice includes information and if necessary photos, which improves accuracy and facilitates trust between Lifting Gear Hire and our customers. Additionally, a streamlined billing process helps to increase productivity for both Lifting Gear Hire and our clients.


In addition to our billing cycle we are working on launching other improvements to make it easier for customers to manage their account. One improvement we’re working on is incorporating a RFID scanning system, which will allow us to further increase our accuracy and timing. We are also working on adding online payments to help customers make payments faster, which can reduce the interest they incur.


To learn more about the benefits of renting from Lifting Gear Hire, visit our website. We are also active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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