Lifting Gear Raises the Bar Once Again

Lifting Gear Hire has made available a piece of rental equipment that provides for the safest and most controlled lifting of large structures.


synchronousLiftingKnown as a Sync Lift, the innovative product manufactured by Enerpac uses information to control the lifting, lowering and positioning of any heavy or large structure, including bridges and buildings, regardless of weight distribution. The computer-operated Sync Lift ensures all points are lifted in unison and at the same speed, thereby reducing the danger of bending, twisting and tilting. By eliminating manual intervention in the lifting event, the Sync Lift preserves structural integrity, increases the rate of productivity and most importantly, enhances the safety for all those involved.

The Sync Lift, featuring a user-friendly touch screen and digital sensors to provide load readouts by lifting point, has up to eight lifting points and is capable of executing anywhere from 1 to 1,000 tons per lifting point, based on the type of pump cylinders used.

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