Marine & Transportation

When you need heavy equipment lifted, whether it’s above or underwater, our many years of expertise and experience can help you get the job done safely, on time, and on budget. LGH’s lifting equipment is up to any challenge, whatever the conditions or level of difficulty. When you need precision, durability, and flexibility, don’t hesitate- call LGH, we’ll make it great.


We serve many markets in the marine and transportation industries to include:

Marine: Ship Builders / Shipyards | Naval Yards – Public and Private Sectors | Machinery Movers | Crane Rental Companies

Transportation: Crane Companies | General Contractors | Steel Erectors


Some of our most frequent projects in the transportation and marine industries involve:

Train Maintenance, Rail Bridges, Highways, Airports, Ship Repair / Maintenance, and Manufacturing / Building of Ships.

Case Study – Bayonne Bridge Approaches Project

The Project

GCCOM Construction Company Inc. was charged with the task of dismantling the Bayonne Bridge Approaches with the help of rental equipment specialists, Lifting Gear Hire.

The Situation

For Project Manager, Jason Schreck, and his company, GCCOM Construction Company Inc., executing the highest of safety standards is crucial to completing their latest endeavor – the demolition of the Bayonne Bridge Approaches – on time and on budget.

Lifting and Moving a Jet
Case Study – Lifting a Jet onto the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The Project

R. Baker & Son was hired to lift a T-38 Supersonic Jet onto flight deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum using rented MODULIFT® MOD24 spreader beams and Lift-All polyester round slings from Lifting Gear Hire.

The Challenge

The challenges involved were many. With a one-day turnaround, TJ and his workers had a delicate job to do in a short amount of time. The most challenging aspect came in the form of not damaging the plane in any way, shape, or form and to keep it level throughout the lift.

Rehabilitating the Congress Parkway

The Project
Walsh Construction lifts and lowers 112’ bridge leafs on the Congress Parkway Bascule Bridge with rented air-powered winches, sheave blocks, and telemetry crane scales from Lifting Gear Hire (LGH).

The Lifting Challenge
Rehabilitating and reconstructing a 60 year old bridge can sound pretty daunting, especially if it hasn’t experienced significant repairs since its creation. And that’s exactly what Walsh Construction had to do for the Congress Parkway Bascule Bridge in Chicago, IL.

Clausen Structures – Peoria Park District Pedestrian Bridge


The Project

Clausen Structures was challenged to perform the setting of (2) 210’ x 14’ 8” pedestrian bridge spans, each weighing about 160,000lbs, in Peoria, IL over Knoxville Avenue. The bridge’s final landing place was between two sets of power lines. This was a two crane pick with one 500 ton crane and one 300 ton crane.


The Lifting Challenge

This project created the challenge of placing these two spans between power lines, over a highway, within a 40 minute time window in the cold, snowy Midwest winter.