Modular Lifting Beam

Innovative modular lifting beam systems cut time and costs


Bridgeview, IL. Two innovative solutions to almost any lifting scenario are now available for rental or purchase. The portable, lightweight Modular Lifting Beam system is designed for easy one-man assembly and consists of a range of spreader beams that offer a modular span capability with a wide range of loading capacities.


Heavier lifting needs are accommodated by the heavy-duty MaxiBar system. “Unlike fixed length spreader beams, the Modular Lifting Beam system and LGH MaxiBar system can both be pieced together in an almost infinite number of configurations, accommodating even the most awkward loads,” explained Tony Fiscelli, General Manager of Lifting Gear Hire Corporation’s USA Corporate Headquarters, located in Bridgeview, Illinois. LGH is the worldwide leader in the provision of lifting and winching products and services, and is the exclusive dealer of the modular lifting beam systems. “Most of the beams and units within the systems can easily be manually handled on site without the need for lifting equipment, reducing both the time needed for set-up and expensive crane time,” continued Fiscelli. The majority of the system’s components are light enough to be transported via small van or pick-up truck, also cutting transportation costs.


The Modular Lifting Beam’s system consists of spreaders ranging in size from 3 feet to 80 feet long, in increments of 1 to 2 feet depending on which spreader is used. The capacities range from 9 tons at 20 feet span using Mod 24 spreaders to 187 tons at 26 feet span using Mod 110H spreaders. Accessories for the system are also available, including corner units for square and rectangular frames. “The Modular Lifting Beam system was already used to lift concrete bridge sections and to send equipment down a shaft for tunnel excavation work,” said Molly Ward, LGH’s Sales & Marketing Coordinator. “The easy configuration, variety of spreader sizes and durability of the system make it one of the most reliable lifting solutions available,” Ward stated


The LGH MaxiBar’s spreaders range in size from 12 feet to 60 feet long. The capacities range from 12 tons at a 24 foot span using a 4” compression cap size, to 350 tons using a 33 foot span with a 12” compression cap. Accessories are also available for this system, including shackles and wire rope slings. The MaxiBar was used to transport turbines in the construction of a new co-generation power plant, it has also lifted 20 Heat Steam Recovery Generator modules off a ship and onto a multi-wheel flat bed.


Lifting Gear Hire Corporation, a subsidiary of Lifting Gear Hire Group plc, specializes in the rental, sales, service, inspection and testing of lifting and winching equipment. “Our business is about managing resources, solving problems and helping our customers to work safely, efficiently and cost effectively by minimizing the cost of equipment ownership,” explained Bill Parkinson, Chairman and Founder of LGH Group plc. The corporation stocks over 80,000 pieces of lifting equipment available for rental through its worldwide locations, which encompass The United States, The UK, Holland, Germany and Manchester.

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