More Renting, Less Stressing

Planning a construction operation while keeping accurate cost control is hard enough as it is. Then, you have to factor in the costs of equipment and its subsequent disposal. What do you do with all of your tools after the project is done? Do you keep them? Sell them? Throw them away?


Keeping the equipment means you have to find available storage space to house it in, assuming you’ll need it again in the future. It’ll cost more money to lock it up and provide even less of an ability to control your costs.


Selling it requires you have to find a buyer and even if you do, you won’t get your entire investment back especially if it’s broken and needs repair. Throwing it away is a waste of time because it takes longer to clean up afterwards and more manpower to dispose of it all. Not to mention, it’s a clear waste of money, especially if and when you discover you’re going to need it again for a future project.


So, what do you do now?

How about instead of buying the equipment and losing your mind from asking yourself all these questions, why not just rent your equipment?


I know. It’s radical. But renting reduces your after job disposal of equipment and it’s cost effective to boot. And we know the last thing you feel like dealing with after you’ve cleaned up all the debris and used materials once your project commences is the equipment – and a lot of it can be big and hard to move.


Contact Lifting Gear Hire today. We only stock the highest-grade pulling, jacking, rigging and hoisting equipment from our leading manufacturers such as Harrington, BETA MAX, Simplex and Crosby. Each piece of equipment is designed, tested and certified to ensure maximum safety, value, and serviceability. Plus, once your project has concluded and you no longer have need of it, all you have to do is return the equipment to us and we’ve got it from there.


Talk about your win-win. So, stop stressing and start renting.
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