New Hydra-Slide Video

LGH Debuts New Video on Hydra-Slide™


In this demonstrational video LGH shines the spotlight on the best skidding system on the market – the Hydra-Slide™ system. Watch as Pat Clark walks you through the installation and setup process of the Hydra-Slide™ HT500.


Now available for rental from LGH, the Hydra-Slide HT500 is a heavy track hydraulic skidding system from the top manufacturer of this type of equipment, Hydra-Slide™. The Hydra-Slide™ is used frequently for transformer switch outs, bridge moves and vessel moves, especially where low-head restrictions and power line concerns. The 500 Ton capacity hydraulically powered “Hydra-Slide™” heavy track skidding systems are one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads… transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels, and machines where a rigid, load carrying track is required.


These systems include 50 feet of double track and 4 skid shoes. The push cylinders and all connecting hardware come packed conveniently in a steel toolbox for storage.


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