Peoria Park District Pedestrian Bridge

The Project

Clausen Structures was challenged to perform the setting of (2) 210’ x 14’8” pedestrian bridge spans, each weighing about 160,000lbs, in Peoria, IL over Knoxville Avenue. The bridge’s final landing place was between two sets of power lines. This was a two crane pick with one 500 ton crane and one 300 ton crane.


The Lifting Challenge
This project created the challenge of placing these two spans between power lines, over a highway, within a 40 minute time window in the cold, snowy Midwest winter.


The Lifting Solution
Lifting Gear Hire provided the correct design configuration of the rigging and modular spreader beams to the structural engineer to create the lift plan. The quoting process used by LGH assisted the owner, Christina Clausen, in easily identifying equipment weight and capacities needed for calculations, as well as providing all of the safety certifications needed.

The polyester round slings were the key component in completing these lifts as they would not conduct the electricity if they touched the power lines. “The rigging was critical because it had to be non-conductive since the power lines were so close to the bridge placement,” said Pat Kleyweg, Project Manager at Clausen Structures, “Christina didn’t just call Jim and order equipment. He was instrumental in choosing the right rigging for the safety of the project.” The lift design configuration was planned so that the same rigging equipment could be used for both lifts in different configurations as needed to further enhance Clausen’s cost and time savings.


The Outcome
The complete scope of this project took the Peoria Park District about two years to engineer. Clausen was given a 40 minute time window that Knoxville Avenue would be closed down for the lifts. With Clausen having the right equipment for the lifts they completed them in 20 minutes. There were no safety incidents and the power lines were never touched.


Equipment Used for this Project

    (2) Modular 50 – 50 (ton) – Span (ft.): 14′
    (12) EN800 x 10′ Slings
    (8) 35 Ton Screw Pin Shackle
    (4) EN800 x 20’ Slings


About Clausen Structures
Christina Clausen began Clausen Structures in Lemont, IL in 2008. Years of experience, knowledge, training and resources have allowed Christina to bring this company to be known today as one of the premier erectors within the state of Illinois. Her company has the capability to bid on jobs, design erection procedures using the latest specialized rigging available, and erect using the latest quality control standards. She is dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction.


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