Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical

Difficult assembly and small working spaces are just a few of the challenges that surface with petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants. Whether it’s building a new plant from scratch or carrying out repair/service work, it’s essential that sensitive components are handled safely and gently. Failure to do so can result in expensive downtimes, personal injuries, and damage to the environment.


Our rental equipment provides you with the right tools for lifting and assembling the heaviest of loads, even in critical environments and under cramped conditions.


We serve many markets in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries to include:


Mechanical Contractors | General Contractors | Steel Erectors | Demolition Contractors | Electrical Contractors | Elevator Contractors | Rental Companies | Machinery Movers | Ship Builders / Shipyards | HVAC Contractors | Boiler Contractors | Plumbing Contractors | Crane Rental Companies | Piping Contractors


Some of our most frequent projects in in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are:

Piping & Valves, Industrial Piping, Turnarounds or Shutdowns Projects