Prepare for an Increase in Material Handling Equipment

altOver the past few months the US economy has continued to expand and manufacturers are benefiting from an increase in orders. According to a new forecast from the Material Handling Institute, new orders for material handling equipment are expected to grow 9% in 2015.


At Lifting Gear Hire we offer a wide array of material handling products for rent that can help companies run more efficiently. We have Roust-a-Bouts which are ideal for the piping industry and can handle up to 1,500 lbs and lifts up to 25 ft. It features a manual crank ratchet winch and large swivel wheels that allows one man to lift and easily position loads, even in tight locations.


We also offer Material Lifts which is easily transportable and used in a variety of applications. It can reach up to 24 ft with a hand operated crank and can handle 800 lbs and is suitable for lifting air conditioners, heat pumps, duct work, transformers, and more.


Additionally, companies can rent pallet trucks with a capacity of 5,000 lbs and can move an array of goods as well as push trays/skip pans which have a capacity of 4,000 lbs that can transport refuse, equipment or any material by crane and wood or steel decks that can hold 2,500 lbs and are available with a variety of different characteristics to suit a specific project.


To learn more about our material handling equipment for rent and the manufacturers we work with, visit our website.

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