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Manual GRIPHOIST® Rental

The GRIPHOIST®, also known as a TIRFOR® or a German come-a-long, can be used in multiple ways; as a hoist, winch, tensioner, binder, ratchet, and much more. You use a hand-over-hand action to operate it, it’s portable, and has a remarkable strength to its weight ratio. Another advantage is that it provides almost unlimited pulling length or lifting height with pinpoint accuracy in positioning loads. This lifting and pulling power can be added to by using sheave blocks, and it’s an excellent option to other popular hoists. This product is rated for man-riding. Check List

  • Are you lifting or pulling?
  • What capacity do you need?
  • What length of rope do you need?
  • Have you a suitable anchor point?
  • Do you require any slings or shackles to anchor from or lift the load with?
  • Do you need any other equipment to ease or speed up the job?

Also known as:Tirfor | German Come-A-Long | German Jack 
Video: How to Use a Griphoist
Video: Troubleshooting a Griphoist

Product Description


1 -4 Ton Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
Capacity (lbs) Manufacturer Model Download Specs Add to Cart
2000 TRACTEL® TU-17 Click Here

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4000 TRACTEL® TU-28

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8000 TRACTEL® TU-32

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4000 TRACTEL® T-516

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