Railroad and Machinery Moving

Recently, the President and CEO of the Association of American Railroads presented at the RailTrends conference about the impacts on the changing economy on the rail industry. Increasingly more commodities are being shipped via rail and railroads are developing strategies to handle more traffic.


One way Lifting Gear Hire can help the railroad industry move efficiently is with our newest piece of equipment, the Hydra-Slide System. This jack and slide system is designed to move extremely heavy items, including bridge components, transformers, heavy construction equipment, and more. The Hydra-Slide makes it easy for our customers to remove their piece of equipment from the train and move it to a truck or the job site.


The Hydra-Slide System features 50 feet of double track that are eight inches high and four skid shoes and the track is available in 10 feet or 15 feet sections which are interconnected by simple pin connections. The unique “ratchet track” design facilitates continuous movement and automatic resetting of push cylinders. The loads can be moved in either direction simply by repositioning the push cylinders. The HT500 beam sections weigh approximately 190 pounds/feet and can handle up to 500 tons.


For customers who occasionally are required to move heavy items from a rail car it is more cost effective to rent the Hydra Slide System from Lifting Gear Hire. To learn more about renting our newest piece of equipment, visit the material handling section on our website.






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