Renting Equipment for the HVAC Industry

We’ve already talked about some of the general benefits of renting equipment for companies but we wanted to take a moment to talk about the renting equipment for the HVAC industry. HVAC plays a vital role in keeping a company and organization running, with everything from keeping people comfortable to keeping data centers cool and operating efficiently.


Planned and unplanned outages can impact a company’s ability to function properly and many organizations have a HVAC contingency plan to deal with everything from planned maintenance to natural disasters. This contingency plan is especially important for critical serundefinedvices such as hospitals and HVAC professionals can help these companies prepare a contingency plan.


At Lifting Gear Hire we specialize in renting equipment to the HVAC industry and can provide a range of equipment, including hand chain hoists, gantries, shackles, push trolleys, beam clamps, come-a-longs, wire rope slings, machines skates, round slings, and material hoists that can play a vital role in helping HVAC companies provide services to companies.


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