The Future of Coal

coalWe attended the Lignite Energy Council annual meeting in October and it got us at Lifting Gear Hire thinking about the importance coal plays in our everyday lives. A recent report from the IEA Clean Coal Center discusses the important role that coal can play in the future of renewable energy. The report states that because renewable energy can often be unpredictable traditional coal-fired power plants need to be ready to handle changes in output to make up the difference.


To keep up with the demand coal power plants need to increase the flexibility of their equipment and new plants being built should incorporate designs that allow them to be more flexible. Couple this with the Quarterly Coal Report by the US EIA, which found that the electric power sector consumed almost 92.5% of the total US coal consumption for the second quarter of 2014 and you can see that coal still provides a majority of the energy we consume.


At Lifting Gear Hire we understand that energy companies must be adept to the changing needs of the market. Whether it’s incorporating new designs to be more flexible or making changes to comply with new regulations these customers require machinery that can lift and move heavy pieces of equipment safely and efficiently. We keep a fleet of lifting equipment that is tested and certified to meet our customer’s needs. To learn more about our work with energy and utility clients, visit our website.

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