US Mod Beam 1000x Added to Rental Fleet

Lifting Gear Hire recently added a new modular spreader beam capacity from Modulift® to it’s inventory stock: the US Mod Beam 1000x. With this addition, LGH can now offer rental services to project lifts of up to 1200 metric tons.


“The decision to add the Mod Beam 1000x to our rental fleet was an important one,” Tony Fiscelli, President of Lifting Gear Hire, said. “With this high capacity modular spreader beam, it enables us to provide rental capacity of up to 1200 metric tons and offer significantly longer spans to our rental customers. The Mod 1000 was the next step we could take to offer higher capacity spreader beams and we couldn’t be more pleased.”


Approximately, the beam is nearly six feet long. Including the two ends, the drop links, and the accompanying shackles, the approximate weight of all materials included is roughly 10,000 pounds.


“This was the next logical step for us,” David McKenzie, the Rental Representative serving the Houston area in our South Central Territory, said. “We already had the struts, which were the model 1000 struts that we were using in our hybrids. Naturally, the next step was to get the actual model 1000 end units. With this, we can get into heavier lifts and allows us to go to 1200 metric tons in a single bar. This’ll help LGH grow infinitely in terms of what projects we’re able to assist on now.”


All newly acquired rental items are available for immediate rental. Call LGH at 800.878.7305 or visit for more information.


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