5 Benefits of Renting Lifting Beams

5 Benefits of Renting Lifting Beams 

Has purchasing and maintaining rigging equipment become a headache? Looking for a better solution? Lifting beams are essential tools for many industries. They provide a simple solution for challenging lifting tasks. LGH offers a diverse range of beams for rent. Our rentals eliminate the need for costly purchases and maintenance fees. They can also cater to any specific job requirement. Here are five significant benefits of renting lifting beams from LGH:


  1. Versatility in Capacity and Length

    LGH offers a wide selection of lifting beams with different capacities, ranging from 4 tons to a substantial 50 tons. Whether you have a small or large lifting project, you can find the perfect beam in our inventory. With various lengths available, including 4-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot options, LGH has the right beam for you.

  2. Low-Headroom Design

    One of the standout advantages of LGH’s lifting beams is their low headroom profile. When you have limited headroom on a job site, these beams allow you to lift loads in constrained spaces.

  3. Multiple and Adjustable Pick Points

    LGH beams are designed with multiple pick points along both the top and bottom, providing flexibility in attaching your load. Some models come with adjustable bales, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning of the beam. This ensures that it aligns with the center of gravity, a critical factor in safe lifting operations.

  4. No Need for Top-Rigging

    Unlike some lifting equipment that requires complex top-rigging setups, LGH’s lifting beams eliminate the need for additional rigging. This simplifies the lifting process, saving you time and effort.

  5. Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

    Lifting beams are crucial for certain applications. This includes dealing with pre-tensioned concrete walls or loads that demand precise handling due to headroom. By renting beams, you ensure the safety of your team. These beams are designed and constructed with the highest standards of materials and engineering, providing reliability and peace of mind.


Lifting beam rentals from LGH offer a ton (quite literally!) of advantages that make them an excellent choice for your lifting needs. Their versatility in capacity and length, low-headroom design, multiple pick points, and elimination of top-rigging requirements contribute to safer and more efficient lifting operations. When you rent lifting beams from LGH, you’re not just getting equipment; you’re gaining peace of mind.

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