Tools You May Not Know We Rent: REID Porta Gantry


Utilized in a variety of settings, including tunnels, wells, tanks, pits, chimneys, silos, and underground sewers, this modern portable gantry system is designed to transform potentially hazardous environments into safer zones for personnel.

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Using a load tag line on a construction site, from an LGH blog post about tag lines.

Guidelines For How To Use Tag Lines


Tag line usage is an important method to prevent line-of-fire injuries during overhead lifts. They can help you avoid having to put your hands directly on a load. A planned tag line procedure helps the lift go smoothly - especially with large, complex loads.

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product picture of a roust-a-bout from LGH

What Is a Roust-A-Bout?


The Roust-A-Bout is an innovative lifting device designed to meet and exceed these needs. But what exactly is a Roust-A-Bout, and how can it transform the way projects are executed? Let's dive in.

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wire rope sling and sheave blocks from LGH on the jobsite

What is the D/d Ratio?


What You Should Know about the D/d Ratio   You’ve likely come across the term ‘D/d Ratio’ in previous research and real-world applications. It’s a fundamental concept in rigging, crucial

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