product picture of a roust-a-bout from LGH

What Is a Roust-A-Bout?


The Roust-A-Bout is an innovative lifting device designed to meet and exceed these needs. But what exactly is a Roust-A-Bout, and how can it transform the way projects are executed? Let's dive in.

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Hydraulic cylinder, or ram, from LGH on a jobsite.

What is Point Loading?


When talking about rigging, finding the distribution of a load is critical in knowing whether it is safe to proceed or if the rigging plan needs additional work. This brings up the question: What is point loading and how does it affect a lift?

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Jobsite picture of the XLP150 from Hydra-Slide in LGH green.

How does the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System Work?


LGH recently partnered with Hydra-Slide to introduce a game-changing solution: the Hydra-Slide XLP Skidding System! In this blog post, we'll dive into how these rigging slide systems work and take a closer look at the revolutionary XLP Skidding System.

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Why Rent a Gantry?


Why Rent a Gantry? A gantry can be an excellent rigging solution when headroom is limited or no convenient lifting points are available. But why should you rent a gantry?

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Product picture of a lifting beam from LGH.

5 Benefits of Renting Lifting Beams


Has purchasing and maintaining rigging equipment become a headache? Looking for a better solution? Here are five significant benefits of renting lifting beams from LGH.

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product picture of MatJack air bag rentals from LGH

5 Practical Reasons to Rent MatJack Air Bags


MatJack air bags have revolutionized jacking for many industries. In this article, we'll delve into five practical reasons why renting MatJack air bags from LGH is the smart choice for your next project.

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