Increase Safety, Productivity and Profits with Maxial Track Hoists

Behold – the Mighty Maxial Track Hoist

product picture of a maxial track hoist
Maxial Track Hoist

If you’re working with scaffolding and space is tight, the Maxial Track Hoist is an incredible project option. They are designed to save you time and money on the jobsite, while also increasing safety. But what is a Maxial Track Hoist?

What is a Maxial Track Hoist?

This scaffold erection tool and material hoist is designed specifically for confined space applications and up to a 450lbs. net payload capacity. This system allows a variety of baskets to travel along lightweight aluminum track sections, attached to frame or systems scaffold. Safety features for the track hoist include upper and lower limit switches and a universal carriage-locking device, in case of cable breakage.

StructSure Scaffold & Insulation, a subsidiary of MHS Legacy Group, is a company based in the Ohio Valley that specializes in scaffold and insulation services for power plant customers during outages and turnarounds. Let’s take a look at a real life application!

Scaffolding Inside a Boiler

StructSure boasts a 0.58 EMR rating, an impressive feat for a scaffold company- especially one that specializes in challenging boiler work during outages.  Project Manager LA Guinther states that they contribute a lot of that safety back to the Maxial Hoist.

StructSure using LGH Maxial Track Hoist inside a boiler.
StructSure using a maxial track hoist from LGH.

By using 2 Maxial Hoists in tandem, they were able to eliminate 20 extra workers that would have had to pass nearly 10,000 pieces of material up and down. This would have required a man line to build the perimeter scaffolding inside boilers for shut down maintenance work.

Guinther says, “I no longer have 40 sets of arms passing material up and down 10 hours a day. How do you put a price on that, on reducing the risk of getting someone hurt?  You’re reducing manpower (in the boiler) so you’re reducing liability”.

Guinther also mentions the tremendous savings in labor costs and how he was able to better utilize his workforce with Maxial Track Hoists. They were able to eliminate costly and inefficient manual man lines,

“On a hard dollar bid, I can be much more competitive with my numbers. I can pass those savings on to my customer”.



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