Setting Up a Gantry in Less Than 7 Steps

One of our most common, and most versatile, rental items is the gantry. Sometimes referred to as a gantry crane or A-frame, the gantry allows you to span a gap and hoist a load up when you have no other suitable anchor points. With a variety of options ranging from the 1-ton aluminum frame to a 40-ton hydraulic system, LGH has what you need to complete most projects in stock in any of our 23 rental centers throughout North America. Setting up a gantry is simple and can be done in under 7 steps for traditional aluminum or steel options. Given the more complex setup, we will cover the hydraulic system another day.

How to assemble the gantry you rented from LGH. Note: To ensure safety, it is best to have two people assemble any of our gantry options.

1. LGH Gantry legs are shipped with your choice of insert – either long or short – already installed within the A-frame and set-in place with a spring-loaded set pin.

2. Our gantries also come shipped with the top plate already mounted on the beam, allowing for the use of Lindaptor clamps to adjust the width when attaching your beam to your gantry legs.

3. Once your gantry arrives on-site, collect all pieces in the designated area and simply attach the top plate on one side of the beam to one of the gantry leg inserts and insert the set pin to lock in place.

4. Working with a partner, have one person lift the second gantry leg vertical while the other person raises the first leg and beam. Line up the top plate with the insert, ensure that the top plate is set in place and insert the set pin to lock in place.

5. At this stage – while the gantry is at its lowest assembled height – install your beam clamp or trolley and hoist (or for some applications, a monorail beam) so you do not have to wrestle with them at full operating height.

6. Next, install the supplied come-a-longs on the side of each gantry leg and into the bottom of the insert. Retract the spring-loaded set pin and raise the gantry to the desired height, working synchronously with your partner, ensuring the beam stays level all the way up.

7. Once the desired height is reached, release the set pins and you are ready to use your gantry.

Check our Youtube video for more details:

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